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traceSM – Avaya Aura Session Manager

You can learn quite a bit about how the Avaya Aura Session Manager works (or doesn’t work) with the built in packet capture tool, traceSM. If you’ve ever worked with this tool, you may have experienced the following error while trying to launch it:

ERROR: traceSM is already running. Only one instance is allowed.

This error can occur if an admin does not exit the trace tool or terminal session properly. It can also occur if some other administrator is currently running traceSM. By default, Avaya does not want customers launching multiple instances of a potentially resource intensive application, like a […]

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Avaya Compatibility Matrix – How to patch Avaya products

Anyone that works with Avaya products should know about the Avaya Compatibility Matrix. It is Avaya’s tool for navigating through the onslaught Avaya patches, service packs, and feature packs.

It is a bit hidden on the Avaya website, which is why I’m writing a blog post on it. There is a link to it hidden on the bottom of the Avaya Support page, or, find it by clicking here. Note, you’ll need to log in with your PLDS credentials to get access to the site: Avaya Compatibility Matrix

Once you are logged in, choose the platform you are interested in […]

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Star Trek The Rewatch (podcast)

“Star Trek The Rewatch” is a podcast I discovered while laid over at O’Hare International on the way back from a week of teaching SIP & Voice over LTE. Each show is devoted to a discussion of a single episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. The episode is reviewed for likability, but also has the science presented within critically examined, as the hosts are both astrophysicists at Oxford. Graeme McRae and Robert Simpson cheeky rapport and infectious laughter is plentiful as they praise and admonish the scientific blunders compounding the voyage of Jean-Luc Picard’s Enterprise.

If listening to […]

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Driver installation order for a Dell Latitude E6420

I recently rebuilt a friend’s Dell Latitude E6420. After a fresh Windows 7 install, I installed the relevant drivers in a haphazard manner, and found that many of the devices were still failing to be recognized in the Windows Device Manager. After a quick Googling, I found that Dell has a specific order that must be observed when the drivers are installed onto the laptop after a fresh Windows install.

Just in case anyone else is looking for this information, I thought I’d repost it. Remember that your laptop may not require all of the following drivers. For example, if […]

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    SIP response codes – Difference between ‘603 Decline’ and ‘486 Busy Here’

SIP response codes – Difference between ‘603 Decline’ and ‘486 Busy Here’

I’ve had several students ask me while lecturing on SIP response codes, “What is the difference between a SIP response ‘603 Decline’ and a SIP response ‘486 Busy Here’? When is it appropriate to send a 6xx response, and when is it appropriate to send a 4xx response?”

In short, all 6xx responses will terminate SIP dialog and any pending searches, whereas a 486 response would indicate that the user is not available at a particular request-URI.

I’ve constructed a video that demonstrates the difference between these two responses. It might even answer a few questions you didn’t even know you […]

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    How to search and replace or remove lines with REGEX in Notepad++

How to search and replace or remove lines with REGEX in Notepad++

Notepad++ is a practical text editor that is used by many Computer Science & IT professionals. You can download Notepad++ here.

I had a student that asked how to remove ‘commented’ lines from an Avaya configuration file (46xxsettings.txt) using a Regular Expression (REGEX), and Notepad++ (that is to say, delete any lines that began with a # character). I thought this was a practical enough trick to post on my blog, as you can tweak this simple REGEX string to remove, or modify, any lines from any text file you might be interested in manipulating.

1) Open the file you wish […]

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    How to flash Asus RT-AC66R or Asus RT-AC66U with DD-WRT open source

How to flash Asus RT-AC66R or Asus RT-AC66U with DD-WRT open source

I returned from running a two week long SIP training event in Calgary to find my DD-WRT flashed Asus N-16 router had suffered a lightning strike in my absence, and was no longer functional. Not being able to survive without a router, I headed out the Best Buy to find the best DD-WRT capable router (with an AC radio) currently available in a big box store. I ended up with the Asus RT-AC66R (also called the Asus RT-AC66U).

The Asus RT-AC66R (or RT-AC66U) supported by the DDWRT project. Available on Amazon, New Egg & BestBuy. The correct way to […]

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SIP RFC 3261 – SIP requests and responses

SIP is an application layer signaling protocol standardized by the IETF in RFC 3261. That word ‘signaling’ means that it is a protocol used to create a kind of ‘control channel’ for an exchange of media (in telephony this is Real-time Transport Protocol or RTP). That’s not to say that we don’t break the rules occasionally, and stuff some text (media) into a SIP MESSAGE, but for the most part, SIP is strictly for control.

SIP messages fall into two categories: requests and responses. SIP requests are identifiable as all CAPS English words (INVITE, ACK, BYE, REFER, INFO, etc.), whereas […]

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Interstellaria on Kickstarter

I found what I think looks like a fun indie game titled Interstellaria on Kickstarter, and thought it was worth writing about as I ended up helping fund the game (the campaign was successful on Dec. 6, 2013 $13,805 over it’s $15,000 goal). It is described by the developer Jonathan P. King of Coldrice Games as having, ‘… the spirit of old school space games with modern mechanics”. The graphics have a nostalgic EGA feel, which I like, and without having played the game, it appears to have lots of resource management and strategy elements. I get the feeling it might handle a bit like FTL, […]

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Paradise Lost: First Contact on Kickstarter

Paradise Lost: First Contact is a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign; the first title for the Spanish indie developer Asthree Works. Although the Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can still fund the game through Dec. 31, 2013 via the mechanisms described on the official Paradise Lost: First Contact website.

In Paradise Lost: First Contact, you play as an ultra intelligent alien plant attempting to escape from a government research facility. Enough said. Sign me up. After all, who hasn’t laid awake at night wondering what it would be like to live as a photosynthetic alien?

This game has a great retro EGA look; the sprites […]

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