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Installing VMware Tools from the Linux CLI

This posting outlines the steps required to install VMware Tools in a Linux environment. Specifically, it lists the commands that should be issued at the command line to mount the VMware Tools CD-ROM image, unpack, and then install the VMware Tools tarball.

While these steps should work in almost any Linux environment, I created them using the Linux Mint OS. Mint is a fork of the Ubuntu project. Ubuntu has its roots in Debian. Check out the Linux Mint OS if you are looking for a friendly Linux GUI.

The only caveat that should be observed is that some Linux distributions […]

VMware VM – ‘I moved it’ vs ‘I copied it’

If you’ve worked with VMware products before, you may have (at at some point likely will), encounter a pop-up similar to this one.

What is it asking? What prompted this question? Why does VMware want the default to be, ‘I copied it’? The short answer is that VMware ‘thinks’ that it is possible that this VM was cloned from a pre-existing VM (i.e. ‘I copied it’). If that is the case, VMware needs to change the unique identifiers within the cloned machine, so that potential hardware & software conflicts are avoided. Choosing ‘I copied it’, therefore, is preferred over ‘I […]

GUI RHEL6 install VMware Workstation || Player

You’ll sit at this terribly informative screen until you hit the ‘Next’ button, which is not displayed.
I was installing a copy of RHEL6 on VMware Workstation yesterday, and found a little snafu that made proceeding a bit of a chore (and I suspect VMware Player has the same issue).

The problem is that before VMware Tools are installed (i.e. during the OS installation), the screen resolution displayed within the VMware window (even within full screen mode) can prevent the GUI from displaying the “Next”, “Forward”, and “Back” option buttons. If this was your first RHEL6 installation, you might think the […]

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    VMware ESXi 4.0.0 – How to reset 60 day free trial license

VMware ESXi 4.0.0 – How to reset 60 day free trial license

Enjoying ESXi 4.0.0, but found your license key has expired? In two minutes, you can extend your license for another 60 days! Do remember, that why this is helpful for trial purposes, you are still lacking access to critical updates (such as patches that allow vSphere Client to operate in the presence of the latest version of Microsoft .NET). So enjoy, but don’t expect this little hack to get you out of eventually buying a license!

Sit down at the server on which ESXi is running. No need to log-in. Simply press Alt+F1, and you will enter a screen that […]