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Interstellaria on Kickstarter

I found what I think looks like a fun indie game titled Interstellaria on Kickstarter, and thought it was worth writing about as I ended up helping fund the game (the campaign was successful on Dec. 6, 2013 $13,805 over it’s $15,000 goal). It is described by the developer Jonathan P. King of Coldrice Games as having, ‘… the spirit of old school space games with modern mechanics”. The graphics have a nostalgic EGA feel, which I like, and without having played the game, it appears to have lots of resource management and strategy elements. I get the feeling it might handle a bit like FTL, […]

Paradise Lost: First Contact on Kickstarter

Paradise Lost: First Contact is a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign; the first title for the Spanish indie developer Asthree Works. Although the Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can still fund the game through Dec. 31, 2013 via the mechanisms described on the official Paradise Lost: First Contact website.

In Paradise Lost: First Contact, you play as an ultra intelligent alien plant attempting to escape from a government research facility. Enough said. Sign me up. After all, who hasn’t laid awake at night wondering what it would be like to live as a photosynthetic alien?

This game has a great retro EGA look; the sprites […]

Wasting the producers in Wasteland 2

I still remember pulling Wasteland for the Commodore 64 out of a bin of ‘throw-away’ software when I was 6. It was 1990, the NES was gaining popularity and quickly reshaping how people gamed. So, despite being 1989’s Game of the Year, Wasteland for the Commodore 64 was seen (prematurely) as ‘outdated’.

The box was similar in size and shape to that of a 33-LP vinyl, adorned in finely detailed hand-painted graphics; an artist’s vision of a post-apocalyptic southern California.

What inquisitive mind couldn’t be drawn in by that cover? A gang of five desert warriors facing a lone stranger midst the blown-out rubble of a city street. […]