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Setting a vim Color Scheme

I was recently lecturing on API and API Design with Python, and was in a room where the projector was nearing it’s last days. With significantly less lumens, it was difficult to see the blue comments on black background. Perhaps your reasons are different, but if you’re looking for instructions for setting a vim color scheme, read on.

From within vim, issue the following command to change to the ‘morning’ theme.

:colorscheme morning

Now from within vim, issue the following command to change to the ‘industry’ theme.

:colorscheme industry

If you’re lazy, you can shorthand the colorscheme command as follows.

:colo blue

To cycle through available […]

Python Looping with while and for

If you just landed here, looking for help on Python training, or Python looping you came to the right spot! If your new to Python programming, you might start back on my first post before hopping into a discussion of loops.

Before reading about my take on Python looping, start by reviewing the official documentation on Python while loops, and Python for loops. After you read over what has to say on the matter, it is time to start coding.

Lab 4.1 – Using a while loop

I have long thought writing simple games a fun way to learn programming. Imagine […]

Python Training – Making choices with if, elif, else

If you just landed on this site looking for Python training, then you came to the correct spot! This post is the continuation of several posts on learning to code with Python. The start of this series can be found here.

In this post we’ll explore the power of if, elif and else while coding with Python. The best place to start reading is always the official Python documentation. Start by reading up on the if, elif, and else statements.

After reading the Python docs, it is time to start coding! The scripts below will help you understand more about making […]

Python Training – Python Dictionaries

If you just landed here looking start Python studies, it is recommended you start out with my previous post Introduction to Python Programming. That should be enough to get you up and running. If for some reason you find it lacking, just shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to make clarifications. Otherwise, if you landed here just looking to learn more about Python dictionaries, then read on!

If you find any of these lessons compelling, and are looking for Python training, do reach out. I’ve authored several courses on Python programming, and would love to be the trainer […]