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COVID-19 Virus Statistics (Corona Virus) API

Data pulled from on March 29, 2020. Today’s data reflects nearly 150,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the United States. At the moment, everyone in the US has been advised to stay indoors, and promote social distancing.

One of my students showed me an API that returns near real-time data regarding the spread of COVID-19 (the “Corona Virus”). I’m not a medical p professional, but tracking COVID-19 virus statistics with code is a great way to remind yourself to practice good hygiene! In fact, think I might go wash my hands wright now!

Using your browser (client) send an HTTP […]

So, you want to be an API Python Hero?

What is an Application Programming Interface (API)?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a generic term. For example, it may apply to everything from the diagnostic port under your car’s dashboard, to the physical switch on your blender that controls the rotational speed of the blade. Nothing about the term “API” need necessarily involve HTTP or databases. Therefore, if you ever get into a conference call regarding APIs, and don’t want to seem like a noob, valid questions include:

The proposed API will be implement what programming language and framework? Frameworks are libraries that abstract away some of the complexity behind accepting […]

  • Screen shot by RZFeeser - Space Quest
    Permalink Gallery – retrofitting old titles with multiplayer features via HTTP – retrofitting old titles with multiplayer features via HTTP

In the early 90’s, Sierra On-Line defined the Adventure Game genre with the ‘Quest’ series:┬áKing’s Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory and Police Quest. For many, this was the height of Sierra On-Line’s accomplishments- but their resume also boasts blockbuster titles Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Sadly, the company has been merged, absorbed and disbanded since 2006 by current owner Activision Blizzard.

While it’s very likely that no new titles will ever be published by Sierra On-Line, fans have taken to celebrating these games in a number of different ways; a surprising number of fans have compiled their ‘Quest’ games, some being […]