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Python Magic Wormhole File Transfer Application

Magic-Wormhole is available at

Magic-Wormhole is a python project that seeks to send files from one file to another, safely. There is quite a bit of research on securely sending files between computers, but it’s never been made easy. The wormhole seeks to fix this.

File Transfer Options

You might be saying, “I already have a few tools to push files around”. Let’s explore why, most of, those tools are actually horrid:

Send email – You’ll need to type at least 30 characters, likely need a GUI client, and subject to eavesdroppers like ISPs, CAs, and other internet lurkers. Companies will […]

BASh Shortcuts

Unfortunately, Mario and Koopa Troopas have nothing to do with this post. Other than it was the first image hit when I Google Image Searched for, “Shell Tricks”.

I’ve been using Linux for nearly a decade. Typically, that means an Ubuntu server with a Bash shell. During this time, more than a handful of Bash shortcuts have presented themselves to me. Therefore, I thought it prudent to keep a running list, as much for my own benefit as that of anyone else.

What is a shell?

Most Unix systems provide the same basic utilities for working at the […]