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A basic Asterisk v1.8 extensions.conf configuration

This is a basic extensions.conf (the Asterisk dialplan) configuration for Asterisk v1.8. As you can see, only two lines are actually necessary in extensions.conf for the SIP user agents defined in sip.conf to be able to call one another.

If you’re confused, than examine this dialplan in conjunction with my previous blog post on configuring a basic sip.conf in Asterisk 1.8. It may also enhance your understanding of Asterisk to examine the script I posted that complies any version of Asterisk in Ubutnu.

The default location for extension.conf on an Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 system is:
The configuration file is commented for maximum clarity. The active code […]

Get started with Asterisk on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (first time)

I’m a SIP instructor. I teach SIP Trunking courses on-site (I come to your location), and also offer on-line courses. I wrote this Asterisk ‘crash course’ while sitting in my hotel room one evening, in an attempt to help my SIP students continue their education outside of the classroom. If you find this posting helpful, or are impressed by what you see, and would like to hire a SIP instructor, contact me or Alta3 Research.
FYI – I wrote this document off the top of my head. I may have omitted a step or two, or gotten a command wrong. […]

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    Asterisk 1.8 – dial CLI command – No such extension ‘401’ in context ‘default’

Asterisk 1.8 – dial CLI command – No such extension ‘401’ in context ‘default’

This post is regarding Asterisk

When logged into the Asterisk CLI, you can send ‘test’ calls via the following command:

console dial <extension>@<context>

The following example would place a test call to extension ‘555’, found in the context ‘zorkfan’:

console dial 555@zorkfan

Failure to use the ‘@<context>’ portion of the command will result in Asterisk looking for the extension in the context ‘default’. If you don’t use the context ‘default’, then you’ll see the following error displayed:

No such extension ‘<extension>’ in context ‘default’

Finally, failure to use the ‘console’ portion of the command will result in the Asterisk CLI displaying the following error:

No such command “dial […]

Script to compile the latest version of Asterisk v1.8

I wrote this script in vim on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS box, to stand-up the latest version of Asterisk. At the time I wrote this script, the latest version was Asterisk v1.8.11.0; however, this script maybe easily tweaked to install any version of Asterisk you like. You may find the latest (and almost every) build of Asterisk here:

After visiting the above URL and determining which version of Asterisk you wish to install, simply change the parts of the script that are relevant to that version (i.e., and let it rip. If you don’t know what, ‘let it rip’ […]