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    Avaya Aura Template Installation from System Platform – Could not mount DVD/CD

Avaya Aura Template Installation from System Platform – Could not mount DVD/CD

I recently spun Avaya Aura 6.2 Mid-Sized Enterprise software onto an HP DL360G7 server. After the installation of System Platform, the process requires that you install the VM templates. Avaya recommends that this be done by downloading the template *.iso files from the PLD, and burning them to DVDs. After creating the DVDs, you log into: System Platform > Server Management > File Manager, place the first template DVD into server, and click the, <View DVD/CD> button. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried this, or how many DVDs I burnt, I was unsuccessful in getting the Avaya Aura to mount […]

Thoughts on teaching MEGACO / H.248

Live Budokan, it’s MEGACOOOOOO!

I just wrapped up teaching a class on MEGACO / H.248, which sounds like the greatest name for a Scandinavian doom-metal band. Teaching the class required a short 3 hour drive into Piscataway, NJ; perhaps my favorite of all the Jersey business-parks. For no other reason, than traffic never seems to be at a standstill, and there is a business class hotel on nearly every block.

The class went more smoothly than I had anticipated, as the majority of the students already had an understanding of SIP.


SIPNOC 2012 – June 25th – 27th @ Hyatt in Dulles, VA

The opened SIPNOC US2012 for registration on November 14th. The event takes place June 25th – 27th at the Hyatt in Dulles, VA (west of Washington DC) and is geared at operational staff, architects and engineers whom employ the use of SIP on a daily basis. The central location is ideal for professionals traveling from all parts of North America and Europe.

I’ve never been to a SIPNOC event, but the photo in this post is taken from SIPNOC 2011; appears to have a decent turnout. From what I can gather at the SIPNOC 2012 event website, you can either come and […]

Watch out Cisco, here comes Avaya!

Today, while taking a break from playing with some gear in the Alta3 Research labs, I found an interesting article while running a search on ‘SIP’ in GoogleNews. Not-so-surprisingly, Avaya’s name popped up in several headlines. As I just finished helping write Alta3 Research’s course on Avaya SIP Trunking, I thought this might be an opportune time to comment on why Avaya and SIP are becoming so intimately entwined.

Avaya recently made a press statement at the U.S./Gov Sales Leadership and Partner Conference, reminding the public that they have released 60+ products in less than two years- more than Avaya had […]