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Thoughts on teaching MEGACO / H.248

Live Budokan, it’s MEGACOOOOOO!

I just wrapped up teaching a class on MEGACO / H.248, which sounds like the greatest name for a Scandinavian doom-metal band. Teaching the class required a short 3 hour drive into Piscataway, NJ; perhaps my favorite of all the Jersey business-parks. For no other reason, than traffic never seems to be at a standstill, and there is a business class hotel on nearly every block.

The class went more smoothly than I had anticipated, as the majority of the students already had an understanding of SIP.


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    Laney: Stay in sync across PC, Linux, Mac and Mobile devices with Dropbox

Laney: Stay in sync across PC, Linux, Mac and Mobile devices with Dropbox

I recently sent my sister Laney a link to my blog, and she asked why she (a B.S.N. in pediatrics), should care about SIP training, Avaya, or Dudefest SIPNOC 2012.

I didn’t have an answer. So, here’s an attempt to appeal to everyone, little sister included.


Dropbox installs on all of your devices. PC. Mac. Linux. Laptops. iPad. iPhone. Android.

Dropbox creates a file that is essentially a ‘blackhole’ to 2 gigs of storage space on the internet. When you drop a file into Dropbox, you have it on every device you own. No more emailing yourself files, or using USB keys. Keep yourself organized […]

SIPNOC 2012 – June 25th – 27th @ Hyatt in Dulles, VA

The opened SIPNOC US2012 for registration on November 14th. The event takes place June 25th – 27th at the Hyatt in Dulles, VA (west of Washington DC) and is geared at operational staff, architects and engineers whom employ the use of SIP on a daily basis. The central location is ideal for professionals traveling from all parts of North America and Europe.

I’ve never been to a SIPNOC event, but the photo in this post is taken from SIPNOC 2011; appears to have a decent turnout. From what I can gather at the SIPNOC 2012 event website, you can either come and […]

Watch out Cisco, here comes Avaya!

Today, while taking a break from playing with some gear in the Alta3 Research labs, I found an interesting article while running a search on ‘SIP’ in GoogleNews. Not-so-surprisingly, Avaya’s name popped up in several headlines. As I just finished helping write Alta3 Research’s course on Avaya SIP Trunking, I thought this might be an opportune time to comment on why Avaya and SIP are becoming so intimately entwined.

Avaya recently made a press statement at the U.S./Gov Sales Leadership and Partner Conference, reminding the public that they have released 60+ products in less than two years- more than Avaya had […]

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In the early 90’s, Sierra On-Line defined the Adventure Game genre with the ‘Quest’ series: King’s Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory and Police Quest. For many, this was the height of Sierra On-Line’s accomplishments- but their resume also boasts blockbuster titles Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Sadly, the company has been merged, absorbed and disbanded since 2006 by current owner Activision Blizzard.

While it’s very likely that no new titles will ever be published by Sierra On-Line, fans have taken to celebrating these games in a number of different ways; a surprising number of fans have compiled their ‘Quest’ games, some being […]

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    More retro games in the iTunes Store – Beneath A Steel Sky: Remastered

More retro games in the iTunes Store – Beneath A Steel Sky: Remastered

Beneath A Steel Sky was a Puzzle/Adventure game made by Virgin Production in 1995. This type of genre has been (mostly) lost in today’s game marketplace, replaced by first-person shooters and MMOGs. Puzzle/Adventure games were the the natural evolution from the text-parsing adventure-games of the 80s, an reigned supreme in the early 90′s. Story driven. Walk around. Interact with your environment. Ask questions of other in-game characters. Pick up items and use them to interact and solve puzzles. And above all else, help your character win the day.

The cut scenes in this game are done with still cartoons, whereas […]

Retro games in the iTunes Store – ‘Golden Axe’

Poking around the iTunes Store can be tedious due to its sheer size- however, a growing number of retro games are being ported into Apple apps, and it would be a shame for any them to go overlooked. From ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ to ‘Archon’ to ‘Zork’- I’m going to take a systematic look at some titles that are sure to help fight the, ‘LAX to JFK flight’ Blues .

The first game I’ve had a chance to spend some time with is Golden Axe, one of a number of iPhone ports by Sega. If you never played Golden Axe, […] – Retro Games For Epic Nerds

Jeans tucked into a pair of Reebok Pumps are to a NYC hipster, as Guybrush Threepwood’s attempts to become a mighty pirate are to a well-seasoned PC gamer. Problem is, unlike lousy hipsters, no functional adult has an interest in setting up their Commodore 64 (where’s my mach 5 cartridge?) or plugging in an i486/66MHz and booting into DOS (autoexec.bat what?).

Well, lovers of nostalgic gaming rejoice! No, the hipster community hasn’t collectively decided trying to breathe water would be more ironic than breathing air– but, if you are a child of the 80’s, and grew up gaming on such […]

Asterisk 1.8 and Alta3 Research

Professionally, I’m currently engrossed in creating a definitive publication for Asterisk 1.8 (the current release) to be released by Alta3 Research (for free) to the open-source community. Several self-training options currently exist for Asterisk; however, few actual focus solely on Asterisk 1.8 and none are worth their weight in salt.

Via my research and various deployments of Asterisk 1.8, I’ve been able to ascertain that self-training materials either: (1) require you to purchase them, (2) suffer from a lack of testing and filled with more errors than helpful information, or (3) are web-forms that can be difficult to search through […]

First Post of The Website, More To Come

Welcome web traveler! I am Zach Feeser, and this is my glorious webpage. From it, I hope will flow all of the secrets of mind I was previously giving ever so haphazardly to social media outlets, such as Facebook. My interests, projects and thoughts can all be found by reading my blog, or by clicking around my site. Basically, if you’re looking to be my stalker, or are currently stalking, you’ve come to the right place. You’re one stop shop for all unfiltered Zach Feeser all the time.

Stalker or not, feel free to follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or […]