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AstriCon September 27-29, 2016

AstriCon 2016 was held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa in Phoenix (Glendale), Arizona. It sounds like the type of place you might find cosplayers representing Halo’s United Nations Space Command Defense Force, but it is actually 3-days all about Asterisk – So, although attendance isn’t quite what you’ll find at DragonCon, you will find lots of tasty talks and new friends that wanna geek out on just about all things telecom.

I was invited to speak on running Asterisk within an OpenStack cloud, a copy of the talk can be found here (link to shameless self-promotion coming […]

What is OpenStack CirrOS?

If you have worked with OpenStack, then you’ve likely reached for a CirrOS (cirros) image more than once.

So, what is CirrOS?

CirrOS (x86_64) is a stripped down Linux (free) distro that can be used for proof-of-concept testing; use it to establish that instances (VMs) can be launched. If you are running an OpenStack environment, then the Glance (imaging) service would be called on to manage the storage of the CirrOS image (either by caching locally, or storing as an object via Swift). Nova-Compute (running on a Compute Node), could then be provided the location of this image to launch an […]

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    OpenStack pre-Mitaka users should watch 1984’s The Terminator

OpenStack pre-Mitaka users should watch 1984’s The Terminator

In the OpenStack pre-Mitaka release, the Horizon dashboard interface includes a button labeled, “Terminate Instances”. As a fan of James Cameron’s 1984 film, “The Terminator”, I had no problem wrapping my mind around what this button did. However, as an instructor of the OpenStack suite, I can say from experience that many people do struggle with what this button does.

I have to assume in 1984, the same people walked into “The Terminator” unsure of the motives of the Cyberdyne System Model 101 (CSM-101) as portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In Cameron’s world, in OpenStack’s world, and in Merriam-Webster’s world, the word […]