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Reset Avaya System Manager Password

Working with the Avaya Aura System Manager (SMGR), you will eventually find yourself locked out of the web GUI. This most commonly happens if a password times out, and the ‘new’ password change goes unrecorded. The following steps will outline how to reset the admin password for Avaya Aura System Manager web GUI.

These steps were used in conjunction with Avaya Aura System Manager version (deployed from System Manager Mid-Size Enterprise 6.2.2 template with SP4). See the end of this posting for any other software (and corresponding versions) used in conjunction with these steps. I’m certainly they’ll work with […]

traceSM – Avaya Aura Session Manager

You can learn quite a bit about how the Avaya Aura Session Manager works (or doesn’t work) with the built in packet capture tool, traceSM. If you’ve ever worked with this tool, you may have experienced the following error while trying to launch it:

ERROR: traceSM is already running. Only one instance is allowed.

This error can occur if an admin does not exit the trace tool or terminal session properly. It can also occur if some other administrator is currently running traceSM. By default, Avaya does not want customers launching multiple instances of a potentially resource intensive application, like a […]

Avaya Compatibility Matrix – How to patch Avaya products

Anyone that works with Avaya products should know about the Avaya Compatibility Matrix. It is Avaya’s tool for navigating through the onslaught Avaya patches, service packs, and feature packs.

It is a bit hidden on the Avaya website, which is why I’m writing a blog post on it. There is a link to it hidden on the bottom of the Avaya Support page, or, find it by clicking here. Note, you’ll need to log in with your PLDS credentials to get access to the site: Avaya Compatibility Matrix

Once you are logged in, choose the platform you are interested in […]