Reset System Manager password

Result of a failed sign-in to the System Manager web GUI

Working with the Avaya Aura System Manager (SMGR), you will eventually find yourself locked out of the web GUI. This most commonly happens if a password times out, and the ‘new’ password change goes unrecorded. The following steps will outline how to reset the admin password for Avaya Aura System Manager web GUI.

These steps were used in conjunction with Avaya Aura System Manager version (deployed from System Manager Mid-Size Enterprise 6.2.2 template with SP4). See the end of this posting for any other software (and corresponding versions) used in conjunction with these steps. I’m certainly they’ll work with other versions, but I can only attest to having tested on my system.

Procedure to Reset Avaya System Manager Password

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  1. Login via PuTTY to System Manager (default admin / admin)
  2. Elevate to root
  3. [admin@smgr]# su – root
    Enter the root password (default root / root01)

  4. Create the group securityadmin then add it to admin
  5. [root@smgr ~]# groupadd -g 600 securityadmin

    [root@smgr ~]# groups admin

    admin : admin

    [root@smgr ~]# usermod -aG securityadmin admin

    [root@smgr ~]# groups admin

    admin : admin securityadmin

    [root@smgr ~]#

  6. In a browser, surf to the local-login directory on the Avaya Aura System Manager
  7. Example:
    ** In pre-SMGR 6.3 releases, it is possible that you may need to use the passwordReset directory

    System Manager local-login for password reset

    System Manager local-login web portal for password reset

  8. Login with the same password you used to login to PuTTY (default admin / admin)
  9. You should now be looking at a Password Reset webpage. Choose a web GUI User ID to change (I would recommend admin)
  10. Change the User ID password to something simple like razzledazzlerootbeer01
  11. Avaya Aura System Manager password reset

    Reset your System Manager web User ID login

  12. One last time, surf to the System Manager web address. You should now be able to login with admin and the password you just created. Confirm that you can login, but you’re not done quite yet…
  13. Example:

  14. Go back to the System Manager CLI, and clean-up your changes with the following commands:
  15. [root@smgr ~]# groupdel securityadmin

    [root@smgr ~]# groups admin

    admin : admin

  16. All done, let’s bounce!
  17. [root@smgr ~]# exit
    [admin@smgr ~]# exit

Materials used

  • Avaya Aura Mid-Size Enterprise (version 6.2.2 service pack 4)
  • Avaya Aura System Manager (version
  • SSH Client: PuTTY (version 0.62)
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