You can learn quite a bit about how the Avaya Aura Session Manager works (or doesn’t work) with the built in packet capture tool, traceSM. If you’ve ever worked with this tool, you may have experienced the following error while trying to launch it:

ERROR: traceSM is already running. Only one instance is allowed.

This error can occur if an admin does not exit the trace tool or terminal session properly. It can also occur if some other administrator is currently running traceSM. By default, Avaya does not want customers launching multiple instances of a potentially resource intensive application, like a packet capture tool. One solution is to wait. When 10000 packets are captured, the traceSM application will self-terminate. However, the best solution is to kill all instances of traceSM:

sudo traceSM -k

Attempt to start a SIP trace, and the program will quit. This is normal behavior. (Sometimes I may have to execute this command more than once, but it does work!)

Now type:


The trace tool should launch normally. Just be aware, that if some other admin was performing a trace, you just terminated their session!

This post was written using the latest stable Session Manager software, release

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