RZFeeser - Avaya Compatibility Matrix Anyone that works with Avaya products should know about the Avaya Compatibility Matrix. It is Avaya’s tool for navigating through the onslaught Avaya patches, service packs, and feature packs.

It is a bit hidden on the Avaya website, which is why I’m writing a blog post on it. There is a link to it hidden on the bottom of the Avaya Support page, or, find it by clicking here. Note, you’ll need to log in with your PLDS credentials to get access to the site: Avaya Compatibility Matrix

(2015) Avaya Compatibility Matrix.

Avaya Compatibility Matrix (early 2015).

Once you are logged in, choose the platform you are interested in learning about. For example, try selecting, “Solution for Midsize Enterprise (Avaya Aura)”. After selecting the version, you’ll be given links to relevant documentation, critical product notes, lists of compatible primary components and their versions, the order patches must be installed, and links to other compatible Avaya products.

Avaya has recently redeveloped the capability matrix (early 2015). It provides much more information than previously, so if you haven’t looked at it in some time, check it out. It will make your Avaya administration easier.

Some general Avaya upgrading advice

  1. Search support.avaya.com for ‘Product Support Notices’ concerning each patch. Read about each one before you apply.
  2. You MUST have at least some semblance of Linux CLI skills to admin anything Avaya.
  3. Be patient. Patches for Avaya Aura System Manager can take a very long time to complete.