Russell Zachary Feeser Star Trek The Rewatch

“Star Trek The Rewatch” is a podcast I discovered while laid over at O’Hare International on the way back from a week of teaching SIP & Voice over LTE. Each show is devoted to a discussion of a single episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. The episode is reviewed for likability, but also has the science presented within critically examined, as the hosts are both astrophysicists at Oxford. Graeme McRae and Robert Simpson cheeky rapport and infectious laughter is plentiful as they praise and admonish the scientific blunders compounding the voyage of Jean-Luc Picard’s Enterprise.

If listening to a Scotsman grousing because Geordi reported encountering a planet with a temperature below -273.15°C sounds like a great way to occupy an hour of your life, then click your way over to their site (by the way, absolute zero is -273.15°C). Its publication is erratic at best (sometimes weekly, other times monthly), but there are plenty of archived episodes to catch up with over at their website: Star Trek The Rewatch Podcast Official Website.