RZFeeser_Dell_E6420_Driver_Installation_OrderI recently rebuilt a friend’s Dell Latitude E6420. After a fresh Windows 7 install, I installed the relevant drivers in a haphazard manner, and found that many of the devices were still failing to be recognized in the Windows Device Manager. After a quick Googling, I found that Dell has a specific order that must be observed when the drivers are installed onto the laptop after a fresh Windows install.

Just in case anyone else is looking for this information, I thought I’d repost it. Remember that your laptop may not require all of the following drivers. For example, if you don’t have a Nvidia® NVS 4200M, then don’t install the driver. If you just came off of a fresh Windows install, before you install a single driver, create a restore point (Windows 7 > Start > Search > “Create a Restore Point”). If you do install an erroneous driver, or install a driver out of order, you can always restore back to a fresh state.

The link to the official Dell E6420 driver install page is here: Dell E6420 driver installation order.

If the Dell E6420 page ever gets taken down, the driver order is as follows:

Name of the Software – (Dell’s Driver Category)

  1. Dell System Software – (System Utilities)
  2. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility – (Chipset Drivers)
  3. Dell Data Protection Midware Package – (Dell Data Protection)
  4. Dell Data Protection Driver Package – (Dell Data Protection)
  5. Nvidia® NVS 4200M – (Video)
  6. IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio – (Audio)
  7. Intel Rapid Storage Technology – (Serial ATA)
  8. O2Micro OZ600xxx Memory Card – (Chipset)
  9. Intel Unified AMT 7 Management Interface Driver – (Chipset)
  10. ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor – (Chipset)
  11. Intel 825xx Gigabit Platform LAN Network Device – (Network)
  12. Intel WiFi Link 6xxx Series WLAN Half-Mini Card – (Network)
  13. Intel WiMAX Link 6250 – (Network)
  14. Conexant D330,HDA,MDC,v.92 Modem – (Modem/Communications)
  15. Dell Wireless 5550 HSPA Mini Card – (Modem/Communications)
  16. Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module – (Network)
  17. Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad – (Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices)
  18. eGalax EMPIA EETI Multi-Touchscreen – (Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices)
  19. NEC USB3.0 – (Chipset)