Russell Z Feeser SIP InstructorI am an instructor for SIP Essentials, a five day course offered by Alta3 Research that explores Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261), as well as it’s accompanying protocols. Material covered is outlined on their website, but covers SIP, SIP dial-plan routing, SIP routing via the DNS, configuring SIP systems, presence, how to read SIP requests & SIP responses, SDP, RTP, and so much more… (no really, I’m not just being cliché, read the extensive course outline here).

As a teacher, I must say, teaching SIP Essentials is a blast. The course includes over 30 labs, so there’s plenty of hands on activities in between my lecturing. The lab PCs I bring along run Linux Ubuntu, so it’s fun to watch many students get their first exposure to the Linux command line. The lab PCs also include two SIP Proxies (SIP PBXs), and I often log into my Avaya Aura 6.2 SIP system to demo a third- so there’s plenty of ‘real world’ examples to draw from in order to make lessons relevant.

In the course we also register any smart devices the students bring along to our SIP the systems we build via free SIP Clients available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

If you are looking for SIP training, for either yourself, or your team, I’d encourage you to contact Alta3 Research and book the SIP Essentials class. SIP Essentials can be run onsite, or online.

If you purchase an onsite class, Alta3 Research will send an instructor (like me) to your location with all the necessary training gear, manuals, and know-how, to keep you and your team engaged for a full five days. I’ve taught this class many, many times- and it’s never disappointed.

The other option is to take SIP Essentials online. This is a great option if you’re an individual, and aren’t interested in group pricing. The online classroom is quite impressive, and highly interactive. Alta3 Research will also insist your boss let you take the online SIP training course from home, so that you may administer NAT and firewall settings should the need arise. Included in the purchase price of the course is a big box filled with fun gear (like a SIP phone), that is yours to keep upon the conclusion of the course. During the class, you’ll use the gear to build a virtual network, over which you’ll interconnect SIP trunks, IP phones, and SIP communication systems.