I recently spun Avaya Aura 6.2 Mid-Sized Enterprise software onto an HP DL360G7 server. After the installation of System Platform, the process requires that you install the VM templates. Avaya recommends that this be done by downloading the template *.iso files from the PLD, and burning them to DVDs. After creating the DVDs, you log into: System Platform > Server Management > File Manager, place the first template DVD into server, and click the, <View DVD/CD> button. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried this, or how many DVDs I burnt, I was unsuccessful in getting the Avaya Aura to mount the DVDs.

After many wasted hours it finally dawned on me. The stack of DVDs I was burning from were all different colors/styles… but they were all made by Memorex. So, the solution was to burn the *.iso files to a TDK (+R) brand DVD. I wrote at the slowest speed possible (3x), and had no problems mounting the DVD with Avaya Aura thereafter.

I had always though Memorex was a reputable brand. After looking about the internet, I’ve come to learn that they’re rubbish.

Enjoy your SIP trunking!