Occasionally, when working with AVAYA Site Administration, you may lose IP connectivity to the system, maybe there is a power outage, or the office kitty chews through a Cat5 cable. Who can say. Point is, when you lose connectivity while making changes to any Avaya data set, you may find yourself ‘locked out’ of that same data set upon logging back into ASA. Unlocking these data sets is fairly straight forward, but it can be frustrating if you’ve never encountered this problem.

  1. From emulation, type “status logins“.
  2. Your current login will have an asterisk (*) beside of it.
  3. Note any other active logins, and their current Active commands. You should observe the command corresponding to the dataset you are currently locked out of. Now note the number listed in the column ‘Session’. We’ll call this number ‘X’.
  4. Now type, “reset login-ID X” where X is equal to the number you observed in step 2.
  5. Great! Now just bounce ASA, when you log back in, you’ll be able to access your data!
  6. If you’re stuck, check out the screenshot I have posted.

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