CiscoLive 2012 image for RZFeeser blogI know that I enjoy stumbling across websites where someone has taken the time to group together all of the various live events that are so easy to overlook. Most commonly, these websites are for the arts (performing / musical / theatrical / etc.)– and for that reason, I made a post a few weeks ago on SIPNOC 2012.

I think it might be advantageous to use my blog to help bring together some tech-driven events under a single umbrella. So, without further adieu, CiscoLIVE! 2012 in San Diego, June 10th through the 14th.

CiscoLIVE! 2012 stands out as one of the best conferences for an IT professional to attend. Learn, educate, see demos of new vendor products (most of them Cisco’s), and (hopefully) do it all on the boss’ dime. Topics cover everything from virtualization to evolving standards to examining next-gen cloud developments. Basically, if you’ve ever taken the CCNA exam, you can benefit by attending the conference.

The event just posted- in fact- at the time of writing, the CiscoLIVE! 2012 page still has plenty of hold over information from the 2011 event. However, pre-registration is in full swing, and only lasts until February 13th: all 5 days for $1,895 (as opposed to $2,295 onsite).

So, check out the CiscoLIVE! webpage. If you attend, you’re bound to learn something you can ‘wow’ the boss with, and certainly stand to make a few new contacts (or at least snag a few Twitter followers).