RZFeeser Blog Drop Box CartoonI recently sent my sister Laney a link to my blog, and she asked why she (a B.S.N. in pediatrics), should care about SIP training, Avaya, or Dudefest SIPNOC 2012.

I didn’t have an answer. So, here’s an attempt to appeal to everyone, little sister included.


Dropbox installs on all of your devices. PC. Mac. Linux. Laptops. iPad. iPhone. Android.

Dropbox creates a file that is essentially a ‘blackhole’ to 2 gigs of storage space on the internet. When you drop a file into Dropbox, you have it on every device you own. No more emailing yourself files, or using USB keys. Keep yourself organized and up to date.

It’s been suggested by some critics that GoogleDocs makes more sense for file sharing. I disagree. Dropbox seems to work better than GoogleDocs for some general file organization, but GoogleDocs seems to make far more sense for document sharing (fancy that). Also, consider Dropbox also has superior support for iOS devices.

Perhaps the most overlooked, is that if you loose internet connectivity, you have lost any material you may have stored on GoogleDocs. However, if you simply keep a copy of the Dropbox cloud directory on your local hard-drive, you’ll never be without your most recent… Saved games? Encrypted password file? GIMP2.6 image file? Alta3 Research evaluation forums? Even in times when you lose your connection to the interwebs.

If that’s not enough, it makes file sharing a breeze too.

This storage space is protected by a user ID and password. You can also purchase increased storage space, but for most users, the free 2 gigs is plenty.

So, go download Dropbox. It’s just something you need to have.