The opened SIPNOC US2012 for registration on November 14th. The event takes place June 25th – 27th at the Hyatt in Dulles, VA (west of Washington DC) and is geared at operational staff, architects and engineers whom employ the use of SIP on a daily basis. The central location is ideal for professionals traveling from all parts of North America and Europe.

SIPNOC 2011 aka 'Dudefest'

Taken at SIPNOC 2011 aka 'Dudefest 2011'

I’ve never been to a SIPNOC event, but the photo in this post is taken from SIPNOC 2011; appears to have a decent turnout. From what I can gather at the SIPNOC 2012 event website, you can either come and listen to talks, or come and present. What you can’t do is come and set up a booth. However, if you want to become a ‘sponsor’, you’re given some amount of corporate advertising- the details on the event’s website are a little vague.The location is ideal. Nice hotel just outside of DC, with a 10 minute shuttle ride to/from the airport. This forum seems like an ideal place to do some social networking within the SIP world.

What’s not ideal is the scheduling. Monday – Wednesday? Well… it’s awesome if the boss approves your request without actually looking at the itinerary for the event. It’s horrible if he actually looks at the event itinerary and notices that 1 of the 5 major events scheduled over the 3 days is called, “Beer and Gear Networking”.

So, what kind of scratch should you be asking your boss to shell out, to send you toDudefest Beer Party 2012 SIPNOC 2012? Hard to say, because prices have not yet been confirmed for event registration. What is confirmed, is that rooms are $169/night at the Hyatt. Rooms include a shuttle to/from the airport, but you’ll need a round trip to Dulles International Airport… and money for beer food.

I might see about attending the conference- it might be fun to offer a workshop on SIPp or Asterisk- possibly even to present some material. I’m sure the SIP training class I teach for Alta3 Research would benefit from the experience.