Professionally, I’m currently engrossed in creating a definitive publication for Asterisk 1.8 (the current release) to be released by Alta3 Research (for free) to the open-source community. Several self-training options currently exist for Asterisk; however, few actual focus solely on Asterisk 1.8 and none are worth their weight in salt.

Via my research and various deployments of Asterisk 1.8, I’ve been able to ascertain that self-training materials either: (1) require you to purchase them, (2) suffer from a lack of testing and filled with more errors than helpful information, or (3) are web-forms that can be difficult to search through and sometimes filled with snarky, less-than-helpful, board members.

My goal, in working with the other Alta3 Research team members on this project, is to correct this lack of authoritative self-training material with the creation of this Asterisk 1.8 free publication. A book that’s perfect for both the VoIP/SIP master and telephony noob.

When completed, you’ll find the most recent publication and customized Asterisk 1.8 configuration files on the downloads page of Alta3 Research.