Welcome web traveler! I am Zach Feeser, and this is my glorious webpage. From it, I hope will flow all of the secrets of mind I was previously giving ever so haphazardly to social media outlets, such as Facebook. My interests, projects and thoughts can all be found by reading my blog, or by clicking around my site. Basically, if you’re looking to be my stalker, or are currently stalking, you’ve come to the right place. You’re one stop shop for all unfiltered Zach Feeser all the time.

Stalker or not, feel free to follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn or shoot me an email. If there’s one thing I love more than networking computers, it’s networking with people (sans cat5 cable).

Being my first blog post, I thought it might be prudent to give a rundown of some of the topics you might find postings on in the future (i.e. my interests). These include…

Technologies I’m currently playing with
VoIP communications and SIP protocol (i.e. bread and butter)
Teaching / Presenting (more bread and more butter)
Xbox and PC gaming, specifically, getting old PC games to run on modern OSes
VMware and Virtual computing
Photography tips
Scientific breakthroughs, be they interesting quirks or quarks
Stuff about outer space. It’s huge. It’s awesome.

I’ll do my best to keep things intellectually stimulating (free of LOLCATZ) and regularly updated. Thanks again for visiting, and again, feel free to shoot me emails!